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We are serious in Infection Control. We are determined to provide you with the most comfortable, saf

This day and age, we are so prone to contract diseases. Some diseases are contractible by touching/surface contact; some are air-borne, some are transmissible by body fluids (e.g. Saliva, blood). At Master Dental, holistically, we place your health as our number one priority. We have invested heavily in state-of-art autoclaves (German-made), and bar-code tracking system. This means every instrument's sterilization is accountable and traceable. We also use barrier system. As a scenario, a doorknob in a public place would have been contaminated with germs. For you to open the door without contracting the germs, or passing on the germs to someone (cross-contamination), you have 2 options; (1) open the door and sanitize your hand straight after or, (2) use a barrier system, ie. use a tissue /cloth/plastic sheet etc, to grab in the doorknob to open the door. Similarly, in our surgery, we use plastic bag/ sheet as barriers. We also use strict disinfectant specifically designed for dentistry. We have gone to the extreme to keep a rigorous log book of our sterilization processes. We do regular sterilization tests, eg. Bowie-Dick Test, Helix Test, Class 6 strips, Aluminium Foil test, etc. Is your current dentist doing this? If not, you are entering that dental clinic at your peril.

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