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German Implant Ankylos

Dental implant Ankylos German implant
Dental implant Ankylos German implant side view in bone
Structure of an implant

The Ankylos implant system was designed in 1985 on the premise that an implant could act prosthetically like a stable natural tooth. In more than 25 years of clinical use, the Ankylos system has been recognized for hard and soft tissue maintenance and high-quality, long-term esthetics.

The Ankylos implant system has several key features, including the friction-locked conical implant-abutment connection, the system-immanent horizontal offset, and the microstructured surface on the implant shoulder. The system has been used in various clinical indications for over 25 years.

Clinical studies with a follow-up between 1 and 8 years report that the Ankylos implants are safe to use rendering high implant survival rates, ranging from 94 to 100%. Support for clinical safety is further confirmed in a retrospective study including more than 12,500 Ankylos implants with up to 20 years of documented clinical follow-up.

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