Practice Policy
  1. We do not accept credit card payment over the phone nor internet banking on the day of your treatment unless the payments can be transferred immediately.

  2. If you want to pay by cheques for all new patients, you need to bring in the cheque four (4) days before your appointments to clear it.

  3. For all new patients, a deposit or full payment must be made before treatment.

  4. Credit card payment must be over $10; otherwise, it will incur a 2.5% surcharge.

  5. We accept most major dental insurance; please bring your private health insurance member card with you at each visit because we can help you do the claiming electronically on the spot.

  6. We will make sure that you'll receive all the benefits you are entitled to.

  7. Members of Veteran Affairs are exempt from the fee unless an annual limit for a certain procedure is reached.

  8. Medicare Teenager Plan welcome, bulk-billing available.

  9. Special discount for senior citizens, disabled and pensioners.

  10. Price Guarantee clause, "if you happen to find a lower price on a written quote, we'll beat it by 10%". The quote needs to be (1) formal quote from a dental clinic in NSW Australia (2) less than six (6) months ago, (3) for exactly the same procedure, same material, the same brand of implant, bone grafts, etc. Price Guarantee cannot apply for the procedures already done in our clinic. No refund can be issued. It only applies to newly planned, to be performed procedures.

  11. There will be 12%pa interest charge and bookkeeping fees for all overdue accounts. Worse comes to the worst; if accounts were sent to a debt collector, debt collector's fees, commission, legal fees would be added on top of the original outstanding balance. Once it has gone to the debt collector, it will be out of our hands.

  12. We may provide payment instalments by using Denticare interest-free facility. There is a once-off Master Dental 10% admin bookkeeping fee. This is a great financial facility for your dental implant, braces, dentures and crowns/ bridges. 

  13. We accept payment by Cash, Major Credit Cards (above $10), EFTPOS, Health Funds etc.

  14. From 1st July 2013, Amex and Diners Cards will not be accepted.

  15. A cancellation fee may apply. Cancellation must be at least 48 hours before your appointment.

  16. It's your responsibility to present any discount promotions, dental schemes, dental funds before your treatment. If a quotation has already been given or the procedure has already been performed, we can not honour any specials, vouchers, or discount promotions even on the same day. These specials are non-refundable, and we reserve our right to refuse any discount promotions.

  17. Privacy legislation allows for an appropriate fee/charge to be made, chargeable to patients for providing the patient with a copy of their dental records.

  18. Now and then, we will offer 15-min free consultations. Those free appointments cannot be made through the Healthengine website, or online booking. To make a free 15-min appointment, you (patient) must ring our clinic for this to occur. $99 consultation will be charged if you (patient) make the free 15-min appointment from the Healthengine website. 

  19. 50% of the treatment fee as a cancellation fee applies to no-show cases on the day of your appointment. (Pursuant to The Frustrated Contract Act (NSW) 1978). 

  20. For all new patients, upfront payments are required as a deposit or trust money.