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Unlike Medicare, dental fees are not subsidised by the Federal Government, and there is no recognised fee schedule Apart from Child Dental Benefit Scheme(SBDS)

As a general rule, a dentist has to pay out approximately 70% of all fees received in the overhead costs of running the practice. If this practice tries to cut these costs to lower the fees you pay, there is a danger that the quality of your treatment may be compromised. The fees charged in this practice are kept as low as possible whilst providing care of the highest quality. There is no comfort in providing cheap dentistry as it means a lower quality of care for patients. 


The best way to lower your dental costs is to prevent dental decay and gum disease in the first place. Regular check-ups are a relatively inexpensive way to avoid higher costs. 

When you take out health insurance to cover dental fees, you should be aware that the following: 

(a) each health fund determines what level of rebates it will pay based on its own commercial requirements. 

(b) An important aim of some health funds is, quite appropriately, to make profits for their shareholders as well as to provide rebates for their customers. 

(c) The rebates payable on dental fees are unlikely, in many cases, to cover more than 

(d) For some people, these rebates may be of assistance in offsetting some of the costs for more expensive procedures, but some arrangements may not always represent value for money for routine dentistry for you and your family. 

(e) Before paying premiums for dental benefits or selecting a particular benefit table, you should ensure that these costs represent value for you and your family. Please ask us for advice on this matter. 


Alternatively, some patients have found our payment options are more economical than joining a health fund. 

To help make the dream of a bright, attractive new smile more achievable for more people, we have also been able to arrange several options available through medical finance businesses, including easy interest-free terms to approved patients. A vast majority of our patients now fund their complex dental treatment through such businesses.

Businesses such as DenticareMac Credit, and Mediplan have put together plans for people just like you, frequently helping to make dreams of an attractive, bright new smile come true. Sometimes, in minutes (literally), a patient will have an acknowledgement that their dental treatment can proceed as soon as appointments can be made! Most applications can be made online at our office with approval in just a few minutes. Our friendly staff are trained to assist with the relevant paperwork.

You are invited to ask about these options with the financial coordinator prior to commencing any treatment.  

In situations where patients are having financial hardship, we may be able to step in to help you to have gap-free dental treatment because we are your best dentists in Dee Why, Northern Beaches and North Shore for your general dentistry, braces, implants, dentures and crowns.


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