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Master Dental, founded in 1999, used to be called Hibernian Dental clinic on Fisher Road, established in 1975. Under Dr Frank Huang's leadership, Master Dental was relocated and expanded from Fisher Road to Pittwater Road in 2009. We have grown from a small 1-room clinic to a humble 3-room clinic. The clinic is now known to many people as the most equipped dental surgery in the Northern Beaches. Dr Frank Huang is well-trained in almost every aspect of dentistry.


He and his team are dedicated and passionate about providing high-quality dentistry. He has two bachelor's degrees (Hons) in dentistry, many achievements, and many certificates in dentistry. We have been operating in Dee Why since 1998. We aim to be caring and gentle and to provide high-quality dentistry. We utilize the most advanced dental equipment and up-to-date dental knowledge to serve you. 

In 2010, we acquired NewTom CBCT 3D machine.


In 2011, we upgraded to Sirona (German Brand) 3D cone beam CT machine, which has enabled us to analyze dental problems in 3- dimensional. With conventional 2- dimensional x-rays, many pathologies can be missed, thus causing misdiagnosis. With 3D imaging, everything will be presented without misconception or misunderstanding about what needs to be done.

In 2022, We acquired the most advanced dental laser in the world - Fotona. 


The Future Dentistry is here

Exceeding Expectations is One Patient at a time

We have a CEREC machine, a milling machine, and a Vita furnace. We can provide a one-day service for crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, and onlays. This will mean you can save time and money from returning the second time for cementation. You no longer need a day off work to have your crown fitted. You don't need that gagging impression material in your mouth anymore. Cerec material is far superior to regular filling material and better than many other crown materials.

Our dentists are highly qualified. We will try to be meticulous and keep discomfort minimal during your visit. At Master Dental, we have placed so much emphasis on providing high-quality dental treatment to our customers. We have invested in so much high-tech equipment and tools. These have enabled us to diagnose and treat better than ever before. For example, we have a GLOBAL dental microscope. A tooth is a very small structure. Doing dentistry under a microscope has brought quality to the next level. We can produce high-quality to-minute detail. 

We are well-equipped and ready to tackle the most challenging dental problems. We can provide as simple as a scale and clean to the most difficult soft and hard tissue reconstruction for comprehensive reconstructive implant dentistry. We also offer orthodontic work for adults and children.

Dental treatment is not like having a haircut. If some inexperienced dentist stuffed up your tooth, it would cost more to re-do or retreat. In the worst cases, re-treatment may not even be possible. 
Master Dental’s motto is "Committed to excellence in Dental Care". At Master Dental, you will be treated seriously and with utmost care. Master Dental offers a 10% discount to those clients who bring along formal written quotes.*

* refer to our clinic policy

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