Our Equipment

has kept us sparkled with Dentistry

Dentistry is very much equipment orientated. With good equipment, you can get the best dental treatment. We as your Dee Why dentist, Northern Beaches dentist, North Shore dentist, we are fully equipped to provide you with the highest level of dental care in root canal therapy, dental braces, dental implant, crowns / bridges.

CEREC: Crown, veneer Bridge making machine, making it in front of you.

Sirona 3D xray machine: see your jaw teeth in 3D.

Dental Microscope: see and do dentistry in a minute detail.

Piezo surgery: Ultrasonic bone cutting - Provides safer surgery and better healing. Ultrasonic piezo perio treatment provides better gum treatment.   

Digital xrays: Phosphor plates: greatly reduce x-ray.

Melag Autoclave: Best sterilizer for your ultra clean instrument.

CGF Machine, harvesting concentrated growth factors from your body to aid faster bone and soft tissue regeneration, using the healing power of your body's stem cells.

Apex locator: measures precisely the length of root canals for accurate root canal therapies.

Air prophy using soluble mineral salt to clean stubborn stains.

Pentamix mixes perfect rubber impression material to provide bubble-free teeth impressions.

Rotatory Root Canal Therapy Motor is also known as the digital root canal treatment system perfectly prepares root canals for highly successful root canal therapies.

Intraoral Camera.

Air abrasion unit, prepares teeth / crowns for maximum adhesion. Remove decays, drill-less dentistry for small cavities.

Dental DSLR camera.

Happy gas (Nitrous Oxide Sedation).

KaVo's DIAGNOcam (diagnocam) is the new caries identification device that enables you to diagnose caries at an early stage and treat it preventively or minimally invasively. It also detects early cracks to prevent catastrophy fractures by early intervention.

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