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Dental Care for Life

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Ozone Water

Unlike any other dental clinic, our water in the dental chair, which goes into your mouth, is bacteria-free* and virus-free* because it is ozone-treated and filtered.

We care for your health seriously; this is our difference. 

Our ozone generator produces a precise 4 ppm concentration of ozone in water. This concentration has proven highly effective in killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds. It is safe and leaves no chemical residue in your mouth; it turns into oxygen and water. * reduce to almost insignificant counts. 

Go above and beyond

We care. That is why we invest in the best equipment for your dental health.



Dental Laser

We have Lightwalker Fotona dental laser. We are one of the most advanced dental laser clinics in the Northern Beaches.

Most of our filling procedures are needle-free (no need for local anaesthesia. 99% of our patients do not feel pain).

Our dental laser provides the most conservative minimal intervention dentistry and the smallest cavity preparation than any other technique.

Comprehensive Dental care

Most Advanced Dental Laser

We bring dentistry to the next level

Dental laser, dee why northern beaches dentist with dental laser, pain free no drilling noise. Dental laser provides most advanced conservative dental cavity preparation, preserving more tooth structure for better tooth health.

General Dentistry

We are your dentist for braces, dental implants, crowns, Invisalign, and other dental work, conveniently located in Northern Beaches, North Shore. We have extra training to be qualified as your Orthodontic General Dentist and Implantologist. 

Quality Care

We will try our best to ensure you are comfortable during your dental visit. We will make sure you are being looked after. We have the skill, know-how, tools and equipment to provide you with the best dental treatment in the northern beaches and the north shore Area.

Infection Control

Fully traceable with bar-coded instrument bags.

Highly Qualified

Fully trained in braces, implants, crowns, bridges, and bone and tissue grafting.

We also do simple dentistry like teeth clean, fillings, and denture work. 

Contact Us

Shop 2, 637 Pittwater Rd., 

Dee Why NSW 2099

(02) 99826625



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